About Us

Old Mowers and Scorched Cooking Pans

If you stop by our offices, you’ll see very little to suggest that we got our start in a crowded garage 25 years ago. What began as a second career for a Central Texas tire engineer has progressively grown into a full-service promotional and apparel company that not only has screen-printing and embroidery capabilities, but also offers wide format print and design services.

Of course, some things never change. We still have printing ink stuck under our fingernails, and we probably will from now on. But that’s okay, because it reminds us that we haven’t lost our willingness to get our hands dirty. And even though our current manufacturing and warehouse facility is the size of Cowboy’s Stadium compared to that tiny little garage, we still never seem to have enough room to work. Except now we’re squeezing between mountainous stacks of shirts, tote bags, and jackets waiting to be imprinted instead of tripping over that old grass-stained lawnmower.

In 1986, Homer Dale Cox left General Tire because he was, to put it succinctly, tired of messing with tires. Looking for a fresh start, he and his wife, Marj, attended a few small business classes, bought some screen-printing equipment, and took a huge leap of faith. But with its commitment to creative design work, exceptional customer service, and impeccable quality, the business soon outgrew the confines of the Coxes’ garage.

After outgrowing a second and third location over the next two decades, QTI was acquired in December 2013 by Aztec Promotional Group, another screen printing and embroidery company with a remarkably similar back story. Instead of being born in a garage, Aztec got its start in a dorm room at The University of Texas. QTI Promotions & Apparel still continues to offer high-quality imprinted products and clothing, but it now has the ability to create full-fledged promotional campaigns. Our team of artists, and production staff are poised to turn your next great idea into a one-of-a-kind promotional tool, whether it’s a simple T-shirt or a multi-piece marketing kit complete with glossy brochures and custom bobble head dolls.